The Irenic wants their guests to have a happy and safe time during their visit to the venue. To help you make the best of your time there, please read and follow the policies below. 

Child Policy

The Irenic is an all-ages venue, so families are more than welcome to join in and should have a great time. Event staff may ask you to leave if your children are disrupting other guests and visitors.

Dress Policy

There is no formal dress code for most events at The Irenic. Please dress for comfort. As the venue is based around a church, please make sure your clothing is appropriate for all-ages venues and events.

Late Arrival Policy

All performances begin on time as listed on your ticket or the show schedule and program. To prevent disruptions affecting guest enjoyment of a show, late arrivals may be asked to wait in the lobby until an appropriate break period. To avoid frustration, please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the show start time.

Prohibited Items

To ensure the safety of their guests, The Irenic has the following list of prohibited items.

  • Weapons of any kind, including knives, guns, or anything potentially dangerous

  • Clothing or signs that have messages of hate, intolerance, or bigotry towards gender, sexuality, religious background, political leanings, or any other potential ‘hot-button’ issue

  • Clothing that is inappropriate for all-ages venues. This includes any item that features profane/derogatory/explicit language, sexual imagery, inappropriate exposure, or any element that is not appropriate to children.

  • Illegal drugs and/or substances

  • Flammable liquids, aerosal cans, or permanent markers

Event staff reserves the right to restrict items that are not listed above. 

Smoking Policy

The Irenic does not allow smoking on the premises.